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This process can be done in less than 5 minutes and you can usually do it without removing the 312B-4 from its normal operating position.  

Do NOT remove the trim ring.  But DO remove the four black machine screws in each corner of the front grill.  Don’t worry about the nuts dropping behind the panel as they are permanently attached to the backside of the panel.  The grill can then be pulled forward to expose the backside enough to get some De-Oxit onto the switch contacts.  The cable that connects the front grill components with the circuitry in the back is long enough to allow some forward movement of the grill.  While you are in there, clean the Function and Phone Patch switches as well.  If the lamp is burnt out, now would be a good time to replace it as you can reach it with the grill loose.  Caution:  don’t pull the grille to the point that you break either of the two wires going between the meter and the 6.3 VAC jack inside the unit.  Those two wires only have about 2 to 3” of slack.  

Have fun, good luck.

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What is the best approach to get to the contacts on the front panel Forward/Reverse switch for cleaning?


Bob, W1XT Sun City West, AZ.
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