Re: {Collins} For Sale: ART-13B with Dynamotor and extras

Hi Dewayne, geez, where were you when we drove from San Pedro to the ham radio Pacificon show up near you 2 weeks ago...Now we are home and you have the ART13 I want!73 from:
Bob Burchett 310.534.4456 WB6SLC
------ Original message------From: Dewayne Doud via Collins Date: Tue, Oct 31, 2017 7:09 AMTo: collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;Cc: Subject:{Collins} For Sale: ART-13B with Dynamotor and extras

I have for sale a clean ART-13B  (has CDT-A installed) and Eicor
DY-17A Dynamotor. Wiring harness, connectors, a box of extra crystals
and a calibration book are included too. $900 for all of it.  I’d
prefer to arrange a local pickup in Chico, Ca. I think these items
would get damaged in shipping by a carrier due to their size and
weight and that would really be a shame as they are in good condition.
Tag dated 2008 on transmitter says it was purchased from Don Merz and
is functional but I have not personally verified functionality. Please
email me for questions/pics. Delivery is a possibility too.

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