{Collins} Biggest thanks

As some know I have been resuscitating a Collins S-line since last October
2018; 75s3-B, 32S-3, 516f-2, 30L-1, etc. With much success all are running
and breathing well. Just got the amp off  the variac and all readings look
amazingly great.


For all those named below and I hope I missed no one, A bigger Thank You
cannot be offered. For the many, that patiently and repeatedly offered up
assists with HV, PCB boards, tubes (572/811), xfmr, diode swap outs and mods
to only protect the existing gear and replace bad parts;       it takes a


Bill Carns, Glenn, Don, David, Jay, Greg, Tom, Alan, Dennis, Pete, James,
Dale, Ulrich, Fern, Jim, Foster and Young Kim


My last referb article alerted me to something and so I throw this out for

Most of the gear points to 115vac for main power.The amp shows 110vac.
Depending on manual, comments, diagrams, schematic it seems to say
110-115.Given todays mains at up to 124vac. What are your thoughts please?


Thank you all again!




Thomas K. Lanieri, NU2W

NJ State EMT

B.A.A. EMS Support

ARC BioMedical Services


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