{Collins} Ailing KWM-2

Hello Gents---

I have an ailing 1972 vintage KWM-2 that was working the last time the 
previous owner used it.  (Where have you heard that before?)    Anyway, the 
transceiver has been sitting on a shelf for years, receives well, but 
doesn't transmit now.    All the rotary switches have been cleaned with100% 
DeOxit and exercised back and forth many times.   The tube socket screws 
have been backed out and tightened, and the tubes all check good.   The 
symptoms are:

1.  Little or no output on all bands.

2.  The grid drive drops to zero when the PA is brought to resonance.

3.   Neutralization was attempted according to the manual, but there wasn't 
enough signal coming through to register on the meter.

4.   516F2 power supplies with bias set to 40 ma. were swapped to no avail.

I don't have a scope to do signal tracing.   I wonder if anyone has seen a 
similar problem, or if there are suggestions on where I might start looking 
for the problem.   Thanks.

Brian K9VKY 

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