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Not sure if you know Steve, N6HK, or not but I can vouch for his expertise.  He literally took apart my KWM-2a and put it back together.  The rig works like new.  He really knows what he's doing. So, I would bet his advice is sound and sure.

Dave, W8QW

On Mon 08/05/19  3:42 PM , "Steve Berman via Collins" collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx sent:
> Brian,
> No silver bullet.  You're going to have to take apart and clean all of the
> ceramic trimmers underneath the slug rack.  I just got done doing this to
> overhaul a 32S-3 that had been sitting for forty years.  After cleaning the
> trimmers, then perform the RF alignment as specified in the Collins
> Handbook.  Don't even think about alignment unless you have an RF VTVM like
> an h-p 410B or 410C.
> When these rigs sit, the trimmer caps oxidize over time and any attempt at
> alignment will prove futile until trimmers are thoroughly cleaned.
> Regards,
> Steve, N6HK
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> Hello Gents---
> I have an ailing 1972 vintage KWM-2 that was working the last time the
> previous owner used it.  (Where have you heard that before?)    Anyway,
> thetransceiver has been sitting on a shelf for years, receives well, but
> doesn't transmit now.    All the rotary switches have been cleaned
> with100%DeOxit and exercised back and forth many times.   The tube socket
> screwshave been backed out and tightened, and the tubes all check good.   The
> symptoms are:
> 1.  Little or no output on all bands.
> 2.  The grid drive drops to zero when the PA is brought to resonance.
> 3.   Neutralization was attempted according to the manual, but there
> wasn'tenough signal coming through to register on the meter.
> 4.   516F2 power supplies with bias set to 40 ma. were swapped to no
> avail.
> I don't have a scope to do signal tracing.   I wonder if anyone has seen
> asimilar problem, or if there are suggestions on where I might start
> lookingfor the problem.   Thanks.
> Brian K9VKY
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