{Collins} KWM-380 Sudden Loss of Both Tx and Rex

My KM-380 was working perfectly after major alignment earlier in the year.  I turned it on yesterday and no receive or transmit power.   The synthesizer seems to be working fine and also the R-E board because in  CW key down and I can see I a nice clean low power ( mW) signal on my Flex radio at the correct frequencies.  SSB and VOX works fine and I get a nice low power (mW) spectrum on my Flex radio showing the modulated signal.   But it is not just a Tx problem —- the KWM-380 has lots of audio white noise but does not receive any signals.   I am reading 14v on the meter with MOX, also the passband on different filters sounds like it is working fine.  Also I can hear the expected Birdie at 0.910 MHz loud and clear.  Looking at the Block diagram I figure this must be a problem with the  Rx/Tx relay but how could it cause both Rx and Tx issue at the same time?  Can anyone suggest some common points of failure that I can start my diagnostics?   

Thanks in advance

Jerry NY2KW

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