{Collins} KWM-2 station from estate of W2IMK.

Available NW of Chicago.
(Buyer backed out.)

KWM-2. Early WE with finger hole tuning knob.  CCA good. Front panel and case very clean. Chassis looks clean. Puts out 100+ watts on 40 and 20. Receive is good. scratchy controls and intermittent switches need cleaning and alignment. $425

30L-1. CCA Very Good.Panel and cabinet are clean.Has modern capacitors in PS.Svetlana (RF PARTS) 811A’s installed.$525

312B-4. CCA Very Good.Panel and cabinet very clean.$275

516F-2 CCA Good. Trim ring has been painted the same color as the case.Tested for proper operation with KWM-2.$325

PM-2  tested good with KWM-2. Cabinet looks good except for some rust under deteriorating trim piece on top which needs replacing.  $100 

Pick up in the Chicago area is preferred otherwise the buyer is responsible for packing and shipping preferably by FedEx.

Thanks for looking.


Tony - W9JXN


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