{Collins} Estate Sale

These Collins related items are from the estate of Joe Nyberg, W1LJN.
Please contact Thaire Bryant, W2APF for information or pictures.  Most also
have manuals and restoration records.

Contact: Thaire Bryant, W2APF.   <mailto:w2apf@xxxxxxxx> w2apf@xxxxxxxx  (H)
603-447-2376, (C) 508-245-3522

Station #1 (Collins S-Line)

                32S-3 transmitter    450   

                75S-3 receiver     450         

                312B-4 station console/speaker   300

                DL-1 dummy load   300

               30S-1 amplifier      1250

N.B:   All CCA VG-EX, 

The entire station is priced at $2,250


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