{Collins} KWM-380 Control Card - Low Pass Filtrer Repair - Need Advice Disconnect PA?

I have isolated my No-Receive/No-Transmit problem to a loss of 14v on the
ribbon connector going to my Low-Pass A3 board, however there is 14v on most
of the ribbon pins going to the A1 filter board.  The voltages on the
various pins going to A1 change when I cross the filter frequency
boundaries.  So at least parts of the controller card and A1 are working.  

I want to pull the entire low pass filter card and disconnect my PA (for
safety) and measure the voltages and logic from the controller card to the
A1 and A3 LP filter circuits.  I am slowly learning more and more about the
KWM-380 but there are so many subtle things I don't want to create new
problems by in advertently placing the radio into a bad configuration.
Also, I don't want to accidentally put the radio in TX while poking around,
so can I run the radio with the PA section high voltage disconnected and the
Input and Output coaxes from PA to Coupler disconnected but leaving all
ribbons connected?


73 Jerry NY2KW


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