Re: {Collins} [Collins] Where did the S Line crowd go?

Well old crowd slowing  down,  I  guess! ?
I noticed  when I joined a  few  years back 
it was busier but that was also the anniversary yearwith great excitement and celebration.!
I so prize those  SIGNAL issues  from that year. They have a specialplace in the SMECC museum library especially nice  was  the coverageof the non-radio Collins items.  As Art Collins had  been friends  since  youththere  were  some  of that history brought out.  Also  Salisbury was  director  of researchin the  interesting  part of  Collins history with Collins cyclotrons  etc  Since we have Salisbury'slibrary, papers, photos, notes  etc  here at  SMECC We are  almost more  preoccupied  with the
non radio  Collins history
My aim with the KWM-2A  is  MARS station at Luke  AFB  recreationbut  I think I  want  one  as  my  rig  for  home  too. In looking  at an s line  forhome  use  I  do not  know I  want  something  that  large.!
We have a KWS-1 at the museum and need to get a matching  RX at some point.
OK but  mostly perhaps  the older  folk  are  slowing down and  are the young  people clamoring  to  get an S Line? Some may be ... but... I  am not convinced...
Guess we  need  to make  sure   some of them  get  exposed and interested!!!
Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC


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Anyone know where the S Line crowd went?  Hard to believe in just a few years that there is no discussion on this list.
Doug W5JV

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