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Pete, Dick & the CCA,

    I see that a company called Just Radios online has .05uf tubular axial lead 
Caps available at 1600VDC.  I also assume non-polarized.  I could also purchase 
a .047uf Disc Ceramic at 1600VDC as well.  Is there a preference toward either 
capacitor in the 516F-2 power supply?

    Steve  K2FW


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Tuning cap for the choke to control the ripple in the supply voltage.   Replace 
any of the old ones since they short to the case and the choke is gone..caps 
are available on line.

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Hello to the very fine CCA Group

I have a question in regards to Capacitor C1 in the 516F-2 Power Supply.
What exactly is the purpose of this capacitor?  Is this a capacitor that should 
be replaced if is still the original part?  And is it necessary for this 
capacitor to be polarized?

Tks everyone!

Steve  K2FW
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