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The first time I saw the S-Line, I thought "WOW !!, This is perfection in metal". Matching cabinets and faceplates. I didn't even care about the specs. This was ART wrapped around tubes. I had to have one, or two or three. Or one of everything S-Line.

The new multi-colored display boxes don't move my s-meter.


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Slowing Down-Yup- and becoming SK's
I got my S-Line in the 60's
Stu Davis, W2ZH was a close friend until his demise.
I'll never forget his S-Line or his ability to simentanelousely have a Morse QSO, his other code setup and talk to visitors.
He also had quite a nice RTTY station.

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On Friday, 2019-08-09 ED SHARPE wrote:
Well old crowd slowing  down,  I  guess! ?

And Doug Hensley wrote:

Hard to believe in just a few years that there is no discussion on this list.

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