{Collins} 75S-3B Rejection Tuning Oscillates

Howdy Collins Loverz!

My 75S-3B rejection tuning has developed a problem. When Rejection Tuning is turned on and tuned thru its range, the receiver hears a very very loud oscillation, maybe 60 dB over 9 at every point. The pitch changes as it the Rej Tuning is changed, it goes up smoothly in frequency, then back down after the mid point..

Obviously some component has died and is causing this. Anybody have a clue what might cause it?

I changed out V5 and V7 hoping it would be something simple but no luck. Must be something in the little Rejection Tuning network or the components of V5 / V7.

Otherwise the Rx is working vy fb.

Any help appreciated!


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