{Collins} A little off subject but relevant, Oil Cap Replacement

I picked up a pretty worm RBM for about $10 recently, it didn't have a
power supply, but it still had life in it.  Every one of the seals on the
oil 0.1uf caps were deteriorated.  I powered it up with my Heathkit SP-2717
and immediately found a hot 0.1uf bypass cap.  I replaced it with 3 caps on
a terminal strip, but it looked pretty ugly.  Through the afternoon the
radio played until the next one went out, after the third one went I put it
on the shelf for another day.  In the meantime another RBM came my way.  I
was getting some circuit boards made for one of my commercial projects and
decided to make a 0.1 x 3 oil cap replacement.  I also have a handful of
ARC-5 command sets, I recently found a nice inverter 12-24 - 250VDC and
made a circuit board for it that sets over the 3 connectors on the
dynamotor shelf.  I thought while I was at it I would also make a
replacement for the little Sprague tub caps that are unique to a command
set.  Here is my handy work CAP Replacement
<http://www.kitparts.com/cap_replacements/CAP.jpg>   I was thinking about
putting a kit together for the RBx Radio's and / or the command sets, if
there is any interest send me a note ... tom, N3LLL

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