Re: {Collins} Happy News re the 75A-4 etal.

It's always great news to hear that an important part to so many Collins radios will be produced again.  Great news & terrific work by Bill.

Steve  K2FW

I have some really good news. After working with the guys at Hammond
Transformer for a number of months while they dug out old files and I did
research on the rigs involved, Hammond has decided to put the filter chokes
for the 75A-4 back into production and they are now in stock at DigiKey.

The really good news, and part of what motivated Hammond to do this, is that
these chokes were in continuous production at Hammond, and used by Collins,
from the 40s up through the 80s.

In fact, they were used in the 75A-1 through 4, and also the S-Line
receivers and also I think if my memory serves in the 62S-1. The same
cores/specifications, but in a sealed transformer case, were used in the 51J
series leading to different cpns.

Here are the relevant numbers:

L29         Hammond pn   PWDI13161          $32.64
DigiKey  pn   164-PWDI13161-ND

L30         Hammond pn   PWDI13158          $30.60
DigiKey  pn   164-PWDI13158-ND

Collins data re 75A-4

L29        Power Supply Choke             REACTOR:    filter;   3.0 hy at
0.120 amp         cpn   668 0020 00

L30        Power Supply Choke             REACTOR:    filter;   5.0 hy at
0.080 amp         cpn   668 0019 00

I am going to put up a list of the radios involved with these two chokes for
those of you that have various models. It will be in the RX for your Collins
section under General Maintenance/Choke Cross-Reference for Collins

I will get it done as soon as possible and Scott can then get it uploaded.

In the meantime, use my abbreviated summary above and just look in your
Collins manual for the Collins Choke cpn.  It stayed the same for all those
years.  Hammond (and Stancor as a smaller volume second source) was the main
supplier for all those years.

By the way - a great bunch of guys to work with to this day.

They only made a small run for the first go to see how sales run, so if you
are in need, best to move on it soon.  If they go out of stock, the guys at
Hammond assure me the cycle time for more is not too long.

Bill Carns, N7OTQ (Trustee K0CXX)

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