{Collins} FS: two 32S-1s CCA good

Hi all

I have 2 32S-1s that I am going to part with. Both were tested on the 3.8
mhz band and put out about 50 to 60 watts. They are both complete minus a
couple of crystals(shows in the pictures). One has the newer neutralization
variable installed. All tubes are present. Both will make good restoration
candidates or will be excellent parts donors. Pictures are available on
request. Cabinets  with trim rings are with each rig and will need
restoration to be excellent also. I would rate each as CCA good and am
asking $250 each plus shipping. I would restore them myself but just have no
time. They could easily turn into CCA very good to excellent with the right
care in restoration. Tnx!

Tom H


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