{Collins} FS 75S-3A

Hi All

I have for sale a really nice 75S-3A. It has been in use in my station for
the last year as a second receiver with my RE KWM-2. I am cutting back on a
number of my rigs and this one was next up. Some say the 75S-3 and 75S-3a
were the best of the s-line receivers and I tend to agree with them having
owned all of the variations. This 3A is CCA very good to excellent. Very
clean in and out. The cabinet has been refinished with the correct Collins
colors . Cabinet and trim ring were taken down to bare metal, painted and
baked in an oven to get the correct Collins sheen to the paint. Manual will
be included. Asking $750 shipped to the continental US. I pack very well.
All form of payment accepted but please add Pay Pal fees if using that form.
Pay Pal will get the radio to you faster. Pictures available on request.

Tom H


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