{Collins} FS 100kHz xtals

Pete Williams <jupete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
5:32 PM (4 hours ago)
to collins
G'day   list.
I have   2 (two) 100kHz  xtals  as  used in  Collins   series. PRICE  $70
the pair  air post  FREE.

Also   glass crystals.  unused 100kHz   made by Brookes  Crystals ( UK).
Specs say tolerance +-005%,  Cal  temp 20 degree C, load  30pf. I have  2
available   ---  they have  wire leads  and are 2.25 inch long  and 0.5
inch  diam.
PRICE  $30  each  airmail post FREE
Cheers  Pete    VK3IZ

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