{Collins} KWM2 and S-line chassis and carcasses

It's time for me to allow someone else to have the pieces and parts that I
had planned to use to rebuild and restore the Collins amateur gear that I

I have for your entertainment:

1) KWM-2A Chassis. This unit, S/N 14407, has closed relays, and is a
relatively complete unit. It is missing the lid for the PA enclosure and
the mount for the vox delay. All tubes are included, but they have not been
tested for many years. $400 + shipping

2) KWM-2A Chassis. This unit, S/N 11273, has closed relays, and is a
rebuildable unit. It has no tubes and the PA 'tower' is not there. It has
no escutcheon or knob, but the PTO and dial assembly are present. $300 +

3) KWM-2A Carcass. This unit, S/N 11096, has open relays, and is missing
the meter, the escutcheon, the PTO, and the knobs and dials. It does have
the dual crystal deck and selector. I would rate this as not rebuildable -
strictly a parts unit. $200 + shipping

4) 75S-1 Chassis. This unit, S/N 3049,  will need some serious work to make
it operational. It does have the PTO, but is missing the tuning rack and
slugs. It is also missing the dial, escutcheon, and all of the knobs. It
does have the meter. $125 + shipping

5) 32S-1 Carcass. This unit, S/N 310, is missing the escutcheon, display,
knob, meter, and power switch. It does not have a PTO or the PA cage, and
does not have the PA 'tower'. $100 + shipping

6) DL-1 Dummy Load, S/N 911. This dummy load had a run-in that dinged the
case in the rear. It works fine, but is difficult to remove from the case.
$150 + shipping

7) MP-1 Power supply, S/N141. This mobile power supply is complete
(including the cable from the power supply to the KWM2), but I would
strongly recommend that it be re-capped before use. $200 + shipping

Note - None of the radios have crystals or cases.

Photographs are available for everything listed. Pickup/delivery is
available in Northern Virginia or Baltimore MD.

More stuff is on the way as I dig deeper into the cache.
Dave Anderson

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