{Collins} FS 30L-1 RE

 Time to lighten up a little bit. I am the second owner of this excellent
amplifier - have owned it for 30 years.  It is a ROUND EMBLEM, s/n
41217.  I am conservatively rating it only as VERY GOOD because of a scrape
on the trim ring.  The scrape was painted with matching paint, but can be
I am not aware of any mods to the amp, except for a change-over to 240v.
This amp has never been run hard and has "low miles" on it.

 I have run it into a 50 ohm dummy.  With 70 watts in,
my Collins watt meter showed 700 watts out.  Photos available.

MANUAL - the original manual in excellent condition is INCLUDED.   The
manual states the amplifier can operate from 230v +/- 10%.

PHOTOS: Several photos of the amp and of the power meter are available.
Send an e-mail address.

SOFT-START - I built a soft-start box for use in the 240v line immediately
after purchasing the amp.  It also has a relay in it, run from 12v DC.
This allows a lower surge for the caps and allows the 30l-1 power switch to
be left on.  Better for the components.  Soft-start box is included.

PRICE: $550 seems very reasonable to me.

SHIPPING: I don't feel this amp can be safely shipped.  To ship, the tubes
should be removed, and, perhaps the power transformer.  This amp
is too nice to arrive with broken tubes and a warped chassis.  I'll gladly
work out a drive to some reasonable distance from Minneapolis.

Bill, K0GVX

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