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I was advised that the formatting on my last listing got lost in translation.  I've changed it a bit and the info below might be more readable.

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I have a bunch of crystals that are surplus to my needs.  $10 each plus $4 shipping up to 6 crystals.  Or three xtals for $25 plus $4 shipping
Most are ten meters, but there are a few others included.  Here's a list.  If interested, contact me at bfetters@xxxxxxx.  Haven't checked each of them, but return for refund if they don't work.

3.5     3.6    3.9    7.2    14.0    27.0    27.6    28.1    28.5    28.7    28.8    28.9    29.0    29.2    29.4    29.5    29.6    29.8    29.9

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