{Collins} Need component for KWM2A

Good morning, Jim.  In seeing your regular activity in helping CCA members I
have a need that you may be able to help me with.

You'll not be surprised to hear that the on/off switch of S-11
(Off-on-NB-cal) has failed.  I have shorted the two wires feeding that
on-off circuit and provided a direct 125volt feed and external on/off
Switch.  It works fine.  However, I would like to replace the original with
a working replacement.  Incidentally many years ago the 516F-2 power supply
was converted to solid state and also equipped with a relay to reduce the
Shock/load on the on-off switch.  So, the failure of the switch has happened
even though the relay and all other components of the 516F-2 are working

Can you located  a replacement on-off switch?  (It's located right on the
inside of the front chassis and on the inside of the master On=Off=NB-Cal
switch.  The Calibrate function is working fine.  The part which has failed
is a round metal body with two wires entering it from the inside of the

I laughed when I saw that someone had recently asked you for the same
replacement piece source offered to supply a replacement for $200+!!!

If you are unable to supply, could you give me one or two other sources?



R. Smith Schuneman


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