{Collins} S Line for Sale in UT

Alex Gardner, W6NLB, a former CCA member, contacted me this week because he is downsizing his home and will not have room for his Collins Station (and not happy about that!). You can see pics of it if you look up his call sign on QRZ. It consists of...

516F-2 (speaker has been added)
30S-1 (and a spare 4CX1000)
Cables, mic, etc.

He states that the equipment is operational and almost in perfect physical condition. He wants $2500 for the set including cables, etc. Please contact him at alexgardner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:alexgardner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> or 435-632-5270. I have no interest in this other than as a service to him and the members. He would rather sell it to a CCA member than put it on the infamous auction site.



Scott Kerr - KE1RR
CCA Web and IT Volunteer
President - Collins Collectors Association
Retired Editor - Signal Magazine

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