Re: {Collins} Full break-in modification for 30S1?


I have used the QSK control board from W7RY in several amplifiers (SB-220, L4-B, L7 and LK-500ZB). All with great success. I use the Jennings RJ-1 vacuum relays on both the input and output. My next task is to install this QSK into a Commander HF-2500. The board, quality instructions, and a list of parts from Mouser come as a package for under $20.!40356!US!-1

73 Bill N4LG

At 02:12 PM 5/4/2019, Bruce H. Bern via Collins wrote:
Has anyone out there ever modified a 30S1 for full CW break-in? I've
violated the purity of my 30S1 by driving it with a Kenwood TS950 with an outboard relay for keying. It's worked beautifully for semi break-in over the years. I'd love to perform a vacuum relay mod to allow full break-in...
any thoughts?

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