Here's the last of the large Collins Collection I had.

Collins S-Line in CCA Excellent Condition. I have not used it in a few years

and time to pass it on. All items were in working condition when last used,

but I have had them on static display. Expect the usual need for a touch of


Comes with a complete set of inter-connect cables (see picture).

High Resolution photos of all are available, there are s few pictures of each

showing Front, Rear, Top and Insides. They will be sent to interested parties

upon request.

Collins 75S-3 WE Receiver with CW Filter $495

Collins 32S-3 WE Transmitter  $495

516F-2 Power Supply & Speaker in Collins WE Cabinet  $300

Complete Set of Inter-Connect Cables $75

(Power Supply only sold with 32S-3 or if 32S-3 sold without it)

If all three items purchased by one Buyer, the Cable Set will be included

Gratis. Otherwise it can be purchased for $ 75 after other items sold.

Preference given to Parties interest in the entire Lot.


I have a local UPS Store that does Foam-In-Place packing and I have

used him, quite successfully I might add, over the years.

I will drop off the items to him, then the Purchaser will contact him to

arrange shipping method and payment for shipping.

Payment by PayPal is preferred.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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