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I have been resuscitating a complete s-line thru amp with much help from
this forum.and for that I deeply appreciate all patience and very good


A lil give back by me to you relates to cleaning the plastic trim rings at
the front of some gear. I stumbled across this product in a thread somewhere
and tried it yesterday and I WAS AMAZED.

I have read about sanding, bathing, scraping, making mixtures, pastes, etc.
The product>> Salon Care professional 40 volume cream. It is available for
<$10.00 at a upscale hair salon. Don't buy more than 4 oz. It is strong,
wear gloves/glasses.


Simple spread with a small paintbrush, then wrap you entire trim ring in
clear saran wrap. Simple---no cocktail mixing/fuss/mess.Place in strong sun
for 4-6 hrs. [turning so sun hits all surfaces] and you too will be
amazed..start the job at lunch time and by supper time you are done.
Beautiful restoration.


This is a no brainer and I thank whomever sent me this info originally so
time ago..




Thomas K. Lanieri, NU2W

NJ State EMT

B.A.A. EMS Support

ARC BioMedical Services


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