{Collins} 32S-3 power output?

I am trying to solve a few problems with a round 32S-3 I am restoring.  It has been in storage for 12+ years so it needs a little TLC.
One problem is drive/output power.  I don’t have a way to measure PEP, so I am just going on the steady state output in the LOCK KEY position through a power meter (calibrated) to a 50 ohm load.
I did a detailed alignment, tweaked everything per the manual.  The following power reading are with everything adjusted for maximum output.

3.6 MHz    75 W
7.1 MHz    70 W
14.2 MHz  60 W
21.2 MHz    25 W
28 MHz     23 W

Does this seem reasonable?  A little surprised at the dramatic drop off at 21MHz and above.  Has anyone else taken these measurements on a working 32S-3?
I tested all tubes including the 6146’s.  They at least work, but I know that doesn’t tell me how well they work in the circuits in the 32S or at high frequencies.  I have not replaced any.  

73, Grayson

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