Re: {Collins} 32S-3 power output?

Hi Grayson

You should be seeing more output and, in particular, more on the high bands.  I don't have the numbers in front of me but my 32S-3 will make more than 100W CW out on the low bands and only a bit less on 10m (maybe 80-90W, if I recall correctly). When doing the last service, I was impressed at how well the 32S-3 output held up on the higher bands, relative to other radios with broadly similar tube complements.

I guess you've made sure the PSU voltages are OK on both receive and transmit.  How is the grid current indication on TUNE for each band and can you see a healthy peak on the meter as you tune the exciter?  If the drive is OK you should be backing off the mic gain to keep the grid current peak on scale.

While there are a number of things that you could follow up, I would start by replacing the driver tube.  The 6146s could also be due for replacement but in my experience a marginal 6CL6 driver can produce strongly frequency dependent behaviour.

73, Peter (VK6HP).

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I am trying to solve a few problems with a round 32S-3 I am restoring.  It has been in storage for 12+ years so it needs a little TLC.
One problem is drive/output power.  I don’t have a way to measure PEP, so I am just going on the steady state output in the LOCK KEY position through a power meter (calibrated) to a 50 ohm load.
I did a detailed alignment, tweaked everything per the manual.  The following power reading are with everything adjusted for maximum output.

3.6 MHz    75 W
7.1 MHz    70 W
14.2 MHz  60 W
21.2 MHz    25 W
28 MHz     23 W

Does this seem reasonable?  A little surprised at the dramatic drop off at 21MHz and above.  Has anyone else taken these measurements on a working 32S-3?
I tested all tubes including the 6146’s.  They at least work, but I know that doesn’t tell me how well they work in the circuits in the 32S or at high frequencies.  I have not replaced any.  

73, Grayson
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