Re: {Collins} 32S-3 power output?

Typically, 100-watts output on 80, 40, and 20-meters, 90-watts output on 15-meters, and 80-watts output on 10-meters with new tubes.  You can often get a little more output but doing so usually reduces the life of the final output tubes and sometimes by a substantial amount.  The station, on the other end of the QSO, will not be able to tell any difference in the power output but the final amplifier tubes certainly can tell the difference!

Glen, K9STH

On Thu, 5/9/19, Grayson Evans via Collins <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Subject: {Collins} 32S-3 power output?
 To: "<collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>" <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019, 8:55 AM
 I am trying to solve a few problems with a
 round 32S-3 I am restoring.  It has been in storage for
 12+ years so it needs a little TLC.
 One problem is drive/output
 power.  I don’t have a way to measure PEP, so I am
 just going on the steady state output in the LOCK KEY
 position through a power meter (calibrated) to a 50 ohm
 I did a detailed alignment, tweaked
 everything per the manual.  The following power reading
 are with everything adjusted for maximum output.
 3.6 MHz    75 W
 7.1 MHz    70 W
 14.2 MHz  60 W
 21.2 MHz    25 W
 28 MHz     23 W
 Does this seem reasonable?  A
 little surprised at the dramatic drop off at 21MHz and
 above.  Has anyone else taken these measurements on a
 working 32S-3?
 I tested all tubes including the
 6146’s.  They at least work, but I know that
 doesn’t tell me how well they work in the circuits in the
 32S or at high frequencies.  I have not replaced

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