{Collins} KWM2/2A OAK SWITCH Repair/Replacement

For all,

I have completed the KWM2/2A switch modification.  The "Oak Switch" is
replaced in such manner that originality can be restored in the reverse
procedure of installing a 15A 125VAC rated switch.

Installation should take no more than an hour.  Remember, it is not a
question of IF, but When the Original Switch will fail.  The replacement
switch is a MICROSWITCH, and is readily available should the 15A rating not
be sufficient over the long haul.  


The Kits are ready to ship or deliver to Dayton/Xenia.  There are a limited
number available at this time.


Cost is $99.00, plus shipping.




904 264 2946  1200-2400 Eastern.. IT is a LANDLINE, so leave a message.


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