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I have heard from "experts" the following:

Re: 32S-3
If you have the air variable IF trimmers, use the 6146B or W(military)
If you have the ceramic IF trimmers, use 6146 or 6146A and neutralize on 10

Use 6146B alone or 6146W alone---never mix them
You can mix 6146 and 6146A
Never mix 6146 or 6146A with a B or W

6146B cannot be neutralized, has spurious emissions and parasitic

I neither endorse nor discard these suggestions. They came from Collins

If others have ideas, I for one would really love to hear them, as I have
not done any of the above as the jury is still out



Thomas K. Lanieri, NU2W
NJ State EMT
B.A.A. EMS Support
ARC BioMedical Services

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Hello to the CCA Reflector,

    To all of the expert Collins guys.

    Is it ok to mix in the final RF Stage a 6146 & a 6146A?

    I know that B's & W's are different.  But is the interelectrode
capacitance between a regular 6146 & a 6146A the same?

    Tks in advance guys!!!

    Steve  K2FW
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