{Collins} Hi OM i decided to sell my great Collins radio collection. all the sets are maniacally recalibrated and perfectly working.So the list is:Receivers: 51S1, 651S1, 851S1, 51J4 sn 1600, R388, 75A2, no cabinet, 75A3 1SSB mech filter no cabinet, 75A4 all 3 filters beautiful sn 3579, 75S3B RE, TRANSMITTERS: 32S3A RE, 32S3 RE, KWS1 sn 587 beautiful perfect, 32V2 sn 1444, Transverter: 62S1, LINEAR AMPLIFIERS:30L1WE, 30L1 WE, 30S1 Military Type 4CX1000A, 30S1 new 4CX1500b,

recalibrated by my self and perfectly working, So the list:
RECEIVERS. 51S1 RE,  651S1,  851s!,  51J4 sn 1600,  R388 sn 08,  75A2 no
cabinet,  75A3 1 mech filter,  no cabinet,  75A4 all3 filters sn 3579
beautiful,  75S3B RE,  TRANSMITTERS:
32S3 RE,  32S3A RE,  KWS1 sn 587 fantastic !!!,  32V2 sn 1444,
TRANVERTER:62S1,  LINEAR AMPLIFIERS: 30L1 WE,  30L1 WE,  30S1 militar type
4CX1000A tube,  30S1 4CX1500B nos tube, TRANCEIVERS: KWM2A RE ,  KWM1 +
516F1 * 20 and 15 meters band quartzs, HF 380/KWM380 ALL FILTERS OPTIONALS
360 Hz CW included, HF380/KWM380 all FILTERS OPTIONALS 360 and 140 Hz CW
included, KWM380 FOR PARTS no S meter no cabinet, V F O 312B5 RE,  POWER
SUPPLYES  3x 516F2 RE 2X516F2 WE,  516E2 sn 281 ,  MICROPHONES >
SM!,  SM3,  SM281,  MM1,  OTHERS> VFO x 32V2 NIB,  136B2 Noise blanker,
312B3 speaker missing, 302C3 WE,  302C3 RE,  SM280 Key pad, SM280 Key pad,
180S1 Collins tuner .
ALL Manuals, 2 NOS 4CX 1500B tubes, sevelal 811A, several 6146A several
3B28, final tube for the AM TX 32V2 NIB and so on...
ALL FOR 30.000 30 thousand euros. ONLY pick up here in Italy ONLY CASH at
pick up
Thanks for reading Bobby  I1RRT

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