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For those able to use 6146W tubes, I have a NOS matched pair of GE (JAN) 6146W tubes, in factory boxes (these were made for the US  military).  I see that NE Surplus Sales is selling them for $100, plus shipping. I'm asking $75, shipped CONUS. If interested, let me know. (As someone pointed out, you need to have the AIR variable caps, not ceramic to use 6146W/6146B tubes in the KWM2/32S3 for proper neutralization. So make sure as I will not accept returns on tubes). 

Bob, K3AC
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Generally, it is fine to "mix" original 6146 tubes with 6146A / 8298 versions.  However, do NOT mix 6146, 6146A / 8298, or 6293 tubes with either the 6146B / 8298A or 6146W.  My article, on the 6146 family of tubes, which has appeared in the Signal as well as numerous amateur radio magazines, newsletters, etc., all over the world, can be found at the following URL:

Glen, K9STH
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Hello to the CCA Reflector,
    To all of the expert Collins guys.
    Is it ok to mix in the final RF Stage a 6146& a 6146A?
    I know that B's & W's are different.
But is the interelectrode capacitance between a regular 6146 & a 6146A the same?
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