Re: {Collins} 6146 Tubes

Quite true Glen.
I think it would be unwise to have an old RCA 6146A in the final with a Chinese 
couldn't happen in the old days!

Steve  K2FW

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Replacing with both tubes being of the same brand is always a good idea.  Probably more important these days than in the "goode olde dayes" especially where "off shore" manufactured tubes are concerned.

Glen, K9STH


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In my
opinion the 6146 family of tube paper you wrote should be
mandatory reading for all Collins S-line and KWM-2 drivers.
My Collins Elmer, W7BUN (sk)  lectured me  in the late 80s
on the subject and reaffirms your paper. He went one step
further and told me to replace as pairs produced by the same
manufacturer if possible and always good policy to
neutralize . To this day I only purchase NOS 6146s and 6292s
in pairs of same brand. Probably overkill but makes me feel
Thank you again for writing a
very informative paper.

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