Re: {Collins} 75A-4 touch up paint.

Yes, there are some drastic differences in what is called "St. James Grey".
(Maybe not as varied as Heathkit cabinet greenish gray though. HI)

I have personally seen at a "local ham's shack",  four original 270G-?
speakers that are very obviously NOT exactly the same as Jim says, in both
texture and color.

Add to that, the effects of sunlight over 60+ years which widens the gap
even further.
For example, this can easily be seen by removing a 75A-4's Bakelite
escutcheon and observing the different color under it.

That said, I have "restored" a nice, but dull finish, front panel with a
light overspray of Krylon Clear Gloss.
The panel of my "garbage can" 75A-2 that I paid all of $2 for is evidence of
that technique.

As to the depth of the wrinkle,  ideally, silk-screening should be over a
perfectly smooth finish, so the wrinkle depth must be relatively shallow,
otherwise the lettering would look awful.

73, Charlie k3ICH

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I've found early A-Line radios to be much blacker, with less pronounced
wrinkles than later radios. I acquired an early 312A1 speaker console a few
years ago that seemed almost pure black. IMHO, the color on, e.g., my late
s/n 75A4, is much more attractive.
Jim w8zr

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> Wayne, incidentally I'm not sure that Art painted all his A4's with an
identical match...some a bit grayer and some a bit blacker.  If you find
that the case, contact me and I'll pass along what I do in a case like this.
> Buck
> W0LC
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