{Collins} FS: KWM-2 Parts

"Last Call"  I have several parts remaining from a donor KWM-2 that I disassembled.  I'm offering these as one lot, as I want to get rid of everything and not spend a lot of time dickering and handling small parts.  If ever my radios need any of these parts, I will not be the one replacing them.  My repair days are QRT.

To facilitate this I have taken a high res picture of all that is available and it can be viewed here.... http://www.n5gx.com/Collins_Radios/KWM-2/KWM-2_Parts.jpg

I am looking for a one price takes all of $170 inclusive of USPS Priority Mail shipping to your US address.  Payment by PayPal.

There are two items included that are probably MVP's.
- One is the often sought function switch (OFF/ON/NB/CAL) with the working Oak power switch. - The other is an unused K2/K4 relay bracket with the 4PDT relay (but not the 6PDT) with the R & C components.  I have done S/B 8 two times including the KWM-2 on my operating table right now.  If you have time (took me about 12 hours actual bench time plus meticulous research and preparation (aka  PLANNING)) it is not that bad.  But having said that, as indicated above, I will not be doing it again.

There are a couple parts from a 30L-1 and 516F-2 thrown in there as well.

If you are unable to reach the link above due to firewall restrictions I will be glad to e-mail the picture to you directly.


Daniel Tosh  N5GX

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