{Collins} Wanted for Battleship Iowa: Collins URC80(v5)

The Battleship Iowa (BB61) is now a museum ship, docked next to the Los
Angeles World Cruise Ship Terminal.  The Gray Radio Gang is a group of
volunteers restoring and operating the legacy radios on board.  One of those
radios is a Collins AN/URC80(v)5 with a MR-201 Control Unit.  It is located
on the Captain?s Bridge and was used for Bridge-To-Bridge and harbor
communication.  It operates at 25 watts in the marine band at 156 to 166
Mhz.  We are looking for another identical radio.  Our plan is to have one
or, better yet, both radios operational to add to the authenticity of the
museum-goers shipboard experience.  If you have, or know the whereabouts of
one of these radios, in any condition, or any parts for the radio, I would
appreciate hearing from you.  A donation of the radio to the Battleship Iowa
Museum (a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization) would be very appreciated, or,
if that is not possible, please let us know the cost and we will engage in
some, ad hoc, onboard fundraising.

Thanks for your help and 73,



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