Re: {Collins} KG9H KWM-380 - LSB/USB - FIXED

Another radio on the air! Frank continue his life quest to make ALL radios
work properly.
And after knowing him for 30 or more years all I can say is that he has
made a lot of radios work!
Maybe more than anyone else I know. Maybe not more that some of the people
on this list but hey-it's all fun and
games in radio heaven and I gotta say this: you are al radio angels! THanks
for al ways being ready to help.

mike K-nine-LSH

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 6:15 PM Frank Krozel via Collins <
collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So I was talking to an old buddy that went to Michigan Tech with me today
> about my KWM-380 with issues on LSB/USB.
> Got me thinking that maybe the "new to me board" might just have an
> issue..  Well it did, cold solder joint.  Found it in the 455kHz area.
> Back with all modes again, now to re-start the alignment!
> Thanks Jim, WB8HMD for your encouragement today and John, W2TX for the
> response!  FYI, John was also pointing to the 455kHz area.
> Cant wait to get it upstairs on the desk..
> de Frank KG9H
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Michael V. Rende .-. K9LSH

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