{Collins} 75A4 Band Change Dial Issue

Just acquired a 75A4 from an SK Ham estate for which I am helping the family sell the station items. The A4 is clean, hears well and all functions appear to operate as designed. The only issue is mechanical in that Drum for the frequency spread gets out of synch when the band switch is rotated through full range. . . i.e. if aligned properly on 160 to start, freq spread lines migrate upward with each band change until at 10M the freq range is slightly above the viewing window. The set screws on the drum(right  side) appear tight and observe no slippage on the shaft when the band sw rotates Drum. My guess is a problem w/ the string drive . . . but was hoping for a solution not requiring removing all knowbs and dropping the front panel. Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
Alan K9MBQ 

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