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On Monday, May 27, 2019 JOHN HECHT via Collins <k6koi@xxxxxxx> wrote:
My friend K2RP and I just obtained a fair amount of Collins gear, most of which works fine.  However, two pieces have mechanical issues where I would appreciate some help:

1.  A KWM-2A has a small amount of slippage in the exciter control; that is, when you adjust via the knob/shaft, it will slip in moving the coils.  There is  no slippage if a small amount of pressure is put sideways on the knob.  I’ve found the screws to be tight.  Any ideas?

2.  A 51S-1, which I just started looking at 5 minutes ago, has a more serious mechanical issue; turning the PTO knob does not turn the PTO or the mechanical counter.  I have not yet tried to tighten anything and I really have not yet tried to determine the mechanics involved.

Items For Sale:

A:  KWM-2 Winged.  Excellent power out on all bands and good sounding audio on transmit and receive.

B:  KWM-2A Round.  Also excellent power out on all bands and good sounding audio on transmit and receive; some slippage of exciter control as described in 1 above.

C:  312B-5 Winged.  The PTO works well; I have not yet tested the power meter/directional coupler.

D:  Noise blanker for a KWM-2; not yet tested.

E:  PM-2 Power Supply/Speaker.  It works well.

F:  Two 516F-2 Power Supplies/Speakers.  One is Winged emblem has been checked out and works well.  I have not yet checked out the other one which is still at my friend’s house.

G:  75S-3B, 75S-1, 32S-3. These  are at my friend’s house and have not yet been checked out.

H:  The 51S-1 described in 1 above.  It is without a case and without a power cord.  I have not yet assembled a power cord and I really do not want to check it out until I resolve the mechanical issue. 

I have had a KWM-2A and an S-Line for many years and do not have room for more equipment and Ron, K2RP is also out of room for more stuff.

All these items are in very presentable condition.  Rather than trying to rate them cosmetically, I would prefer to send photos to anyone who is interested.  John, K6KOI.  K6KOI@xxxxxx
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