{Collins} KWM-2A Low sensivity

Dear all
I am sure that similar questions have been posted, but now is my turn :-)
A few months ago I purchased a KWM-2A RESerial is 38448Cosmetic status is very very nice
But... It is quite misaligned
I am not a very good technician but I am trying the take it to live again.
After the standard alignment procedure and slug adjustments following the manual it receives about 20dB below my other radios on 40mNot focused on transmit for the moment but I reached 20 watts out.
Also:Relays are have been checkedI have replaced all tubes one by oneNo more improvement
Can someone a "scientific" path to follow in order to give it an opportunity?My goal is to improve its sensivity as much as possible.
Thanks in advanceMarcel EA3IN

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