{Collins} 51S-1, KWM-2, PS's For Sale

51S-1F Winged.   I’ve checked out the 51S-1 and it’s now working well.  The PTO (a round emblem PTO)  is working smoothly and the Meg. counter is now showing the correct frequency (it had been misaligned). The PTO is tracking extremely well.  It has good sensitivity with 1/10th uv least discernible signal on the the bands I checked sensitivity with my HP 8656B (3 Megs, 7 Megs, 14 Megs).  Its serial number is 922 and being a 51S1F it is without a case.  It does not have the shields over the tuning slugs or the band wafers.  It is in good cosmetic condition and rather than trying to rate it, I’ll send photos to those who request them.  $625 plus shipping.

KWM-2 Winged.  The person who was interested decided to not purchase it.  It works well and looks good; again photos will be sent on request.  $450.

516F2 Winged.  It works well and looks good.  $275  It has a speaker installed.

PM-2.  It works well and looks good.  $125.

312B-5 Winged.  The PTO works well and it looks good; I have not gotten around to checking the directional coupler/meter but I can do so before it is sold.  $450

SM-3 Mic.  It works well and looks good and has an S-Line/KWM-2 mic connector.  $225

Photos will be sent on request.


S-3 Line.
SM2 Mic

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