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it is  even worse  if  you need VT-4-C triodes (type 211E) along with a single VT-25 (10Y) triode tubes   for  surplus  gear  the AUDIO A.H 's  and  probably those that  just speculate on tube  prices  have driven them  though the  roof...   guess  we  will have to  find  some  dead  ones  so at  east the gear LOOKS   complete in museum displays here.  Alas  our  poor  tubless  BC-375.....(sigh)
but  on  ebay  your  tubes  you need  are  not too bad 
Two Excellent GE 12B4A Tubes NOS NIB Tested STRONG Matched Construction & Dates

and   some   cheaper   even  or   4   for the at  price.....  if  you  can  find  a  vendor there  you  can  forge  trust  with    there seem to be  a quantity,,,
some of the direct  tube  companies   have   highly inflated  prices....
now  if  only I  could  find   the old  tubes we needed this  reasonable....

ed#  archivist   for SMECC   Looking  for  any  MARS  related Collins  history and  gear   especially  from  area  6   even more  so  from Luke AFB - --    also looking  for  Winfield Salisbury and  Art  Collins   related  info and history,,,,   also looking  for  Collins  Argonne  nat lab and Brookhaven Lab  Collins  cyclotron history

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I know a 12B4A is not in many Collins rigs but anyone have a 12B4A torelease for something less than the nations GNP? The merchants [eBay,amazon, retailers]  are all nuts. I cant in good conscience put out for a2.5" tube that has shipping equal or higher than its cost. I have spent 17hours resuscitating [vacuum, clean, simpleGreen, lube, deoxit5, lil testing]an HP606A HF Signal Generator, back to near perfect mechanical/cosmeticoperation, and before I hit it with power I have this 1 cracked tube. 
I just dumped 3 digits to the left side of the decimal point to breathe newlife with a heart transplant into a Drake L4B. Guess what that was for?
Help me get this relic back in operation. Only other alternative is to scrapit and continue with the Collins, Drake, Heath gear on life support.
Aint got a bottomless pit, so Gotta draw a line somewhere with a fewsacrifices and not knowing what else [electronically] the HP might need.
NOT LOOKING for free...Just Reasonable.

AND no I don't fix and sell. Never will.  I just give [selective] old gear anew home for ever!

Contact me offline if you can assist. TU 73


Thomas K. Lanieri, NU2W
NJ State EMT
B.A.A. EMS Support
ARC BioMedical Services

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