Re: {Collins} Collins Hook-up wiring coding.

On the front of the back cover of my 75S-3 manual, the is a complete 
listing of the electrical codes.  The first letter is the type of wire.  
"D" is PVC Type B 600 volts (no. 22-26-28) The second letter is the size 
of the wire.  "A" is No. 22 AWG.


On 5/30/2019 8:50 PM, Wayne Heil via Collins wrote:
> I've be trying to find the Collins hookup-wire coding.  I have found the
> coding for the numbers but not for the First two letters which specify the
> Write type and wire gauge.
> i.e. DA9356 = white with orange, green, and blue tracers.  What is D and A?
> Any info?
> Thanks.
> '73,
> Wayne, KB6OQJ
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