{Collins} Collins 75A4

Good Morning All,


Had my 75A4 coupled to a 32V3 transmitter for CW purposes.  In the middle of
a QSO yesterday, thought it was interesting that I could not hear/feel the
Dow Key Relay because it had failed.  Found out soon enough I was pumping RF
into my 75A4.  Appears sensitivity has been greatly reduced and it appears
as though the S Meter is no longer functioning and AVC switch has no effect
on the receiver.  All that being said, anyone out there have any
recommendations in beginning my repair. I have a signal generator, VTVM and
Scope.  Secondly, I have back ups for all of my Collins gear but the 75A4.
Therefore I am looking for a fully functional 75A4 to add to my collection
as I work through the issues on my present rig.  So, it there anyone out
there, looking to sell a 75A4 in good condition.




Glynn Thomas


602 541-3767

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